Month: December 2015

Mostly, in the Western countries, bachelor’s party is one of the events that are grandly celebrated. There are various activities and party ideas that they try out. It’s hosted to celebrate the last few days of freedom before the big day. You relative, friend, etc. might be getting married very soon. This calls for a buck’s party and if you’re the best man, you are in charge of planning it. While summer host wild evenings, others choose a clean program for the night. So, what should be your concerns when you’re planning an evening to remember?You should decide the venue to host the party and this is a tough decision to make. There are so many choices and you have the pick the best. However, it doesn’t mean that you end up having the function at a cheap and crowded place. You need an area reserved for the gang, out of the prying eyes of other customers. Here are some of best venues for you to host a bachelor’s event: Private cruise If you are able to spend a good sum of money, this is one of the perfect private bucks night venues chosen. It’s a popular choice among many, as it offers freedom and alone space from the busy crowds. These cruises offer various packages including entertainment, food and many more. You’re friend who enjoys the ocean and travelling in boats, would really love a party in a cruise. Rooftop bars If your friend is a person who enjoys spending time at bars, you could make it memorable and special. There are various restaurants and pubs that offer rooftop areas to host these parties. Especially, if it were situated around wonderful city skylines and lights, this would be a night to be remembered. It has a different meaning to that of a party being held at a club or cruise. Nightclubs Not all but many nightclubs offer hens party ideas Melbourne rooms or fun for the bachelor. You could engage in a night with drinks, food, escort services and even private security. If your friend is a person who enjoys the nightlife at clubs, this is the ideal place to have it. Top Notch Restaurants Alternatively, not all bachelors are outgoing and enjoy having fun at pubs or clubs. They prefer quieter places and a place on the high ends. For these individuals, it wouldn’t be wise hosting the party at a club or bar. There are top-notch diners, which offer various jelly wrestling Melbourne. These are some of the best venues that are chosen by best men to host the bachelor function for their friend or loved one. Therefore, if you’re wondering, which place to choose check for these options online.

Regardless of it happening on a hot air balloon ride, or in your living room, the biggest surprise a woman would face in her life would be when her man gets down on one knee to propose. After you say yes, and proceed from being his girlfriend to being his fiancé, it may not be the smooth ride that you imagined it to be. Here are some of the preparations a newly proposed to bride-to-be needs to carry out, right after the big yes.

Call the Important People

After the all-important phone call to the parents have been made, there may still be a few others that you might have to call and convey the good news to. Be it your grandparents, your best friends, or your favourite aunt, they would always appreciate it if they heard it straight from you.

Throw a Big Bash

If you’re planning on doing things the proper way then you may need to throw a party to celebrate your engagement. While it is somewhat of an extra hassle for you to run around looking for engagement party venues in Merlbourne, when there is much more important things to be done, it may also be quite good to get your closest friends and family together to celebrate this important event in your life.

The best option, if you do not have any time on your hands, is to get your best friends or your parents to organize it for you. You can leave the job of looking for engagement party venues, selecting the menu and inviting the guests up to them, while you start planning for the wedding day.

Set a Budget

Sit down with your husband-to-be and decide on exactly how much you are willing to spend for the wedding. If you are on a non-extravagant budget then you may need to compromise on certain aspects. For example you may need to decide whether you have a big reception and a simple honeymoon or vice versa. Also remember, that if your parents are willing to help you out, then get them to spend for one of those extra touches that you may have been forced to leave out, due to budget constraints.