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5 Wonderful Makeup Ideas For Halloween

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If you are confused about your costume the very last-minute, then don’t worry as we have wonderful makeup ideas for you. The article will guide you step by step on how to do the makeup that will make your Halloween memorable this year. How about a makeup that shows you as a Black Cat? Isn’t it amazing? It will be fun and you will love your makeup a lot.
Let us go about it then. Here are some simple steps that can help you do your makeup on your own as a Black Cat. The costume makeup would make your evening memorable. It is so easy that you will be amazed to know and it really helps when you decide on what to do the last moment.
1. You can use a waterproof black eyeliner and draw a big dot (not very big though) on your pretty nose and also need to draw whiskers on the cheeks. You can draw lines spaced evenly say three or four which looks like coming out from the bulb part of your nose.
2. Now use eyeliner available in liquid form to draw a thin line or strip upper line of lash while extending the specific color slightly on the corners to get the real cat-effect. You can use Jet Black color liner pen. The liner has a very fine point and it works well.
3. Apply lip color with baby pink shade. You also need costume to go with the makeup for which you can try costume shop or drug store.
Great makeup ideas to try this Halloween
1. Witch
You can go classic by using a little paint say green in color (it should be a face paint) so that you get that witchy look within very less time.
2. Comic Girl
Try to make yourself look like a cartoon character stepping right from the comic book. This can be simple and cute look. Add POW to get that perfect comic look.
3. Pretty Fish
When it comes to fish DIY tricks we feel it is difficult, but it’s very easy. Simply try stretch a fishnet tights pair over the head and apply blue eye shadow.
4. Creepy Clown
This has been a great theme and you can always dress up as clown and make the look little creepy. It is such a cute look.
5. Peacock
For peacock look you need to use face paint or may be eye shadow to get the mask and also use feathers to get the perfect look. Use glue to stick the feathers
There are many more makeup ideas that can help you look simple and spend less time to look different like ghost, devil, butterfly, leopard etc.,