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Hosting A Party For Your Five Year Old

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Your child turning five is a big milestone in your child’s life as well as in your own. This day marks five years since you held your baby in your arms for the first time and five years of memories for you with your precious little baby. For your baby, this birthday could be the first birthday that she will actually be able to make decisions about and possibly the first birthday at which she actually understands what is happening and therefore, it is important that you host a small birthday party for your little one to give her a treat and to let her have some fun on her birthday. At all of the birthday parties that you have hosted prior to this, there is no doubt that you decided on the guest list and the guest list mainly consisted of your own friends and relatives. This year however your daughter will have her own friends from school and therefore her own little guest list that she will want to have at her party. This is likely to make her a lot more excited about hosting a birthday party. It is important therefore that you get your daughter involved in the planning process and let her be the person who decides on what she would like to have at her party.

Choose a party theme

The first thing you will need to do is to choose a party theme based on your daughter’s favorite television show or her favorite book. Ask your daughter what she would like to have as her party theme and work from there.

Set a budget

Children’s birthday parties today have become much commercialized and therefore a simple visit to a birthday party store is likely to leave you a few hundred dollars short on leaving the store. Therefore it is important to set a party budget prior to starting your birthday party planning process. You will want to go to an amusement game hire company and find out how much the cost involved with hiring some party bouncers and other games is. Read more reviews here to find out the best and reliable amusement game hire company.

It is important to keep in mind however that amusement hire Geelong is not essential for your child’s birthday party and therefore you may cut this off your list if you find that the cost for it is too high.

Birthday cake and snacks

The most interesting part about hosting a party for your child is the planning and getting together of the party. Making your child’s birthday cake is a very special part of hosting a birthday party and therefore it is important that you do this yourself at home instead of hiring a professionally made birthday cake.